Monday, 23 July 2012

Twinkle winkle little "North Star"

Today I am writing this one handed as I have my baby sleeping on me. At least the keyboard on the mac is bigger than the one on the iPhone so I shouldn't have too many problems :)
Two bracelets I want to show here is from the North Star style. Both have the same design, except that the dark blue has a blue copper thread while the green has a leather cord. Due to the width of the leather cord I have had to use a triplet silver / pewter threads to make it balanced. If it is one thing that can bug me is if things aren't balanced; in harmony.
I have to admit, it does take me a few minutes each morning to straighten everything around the house when the family hoard has left... OCD is what my daughter thinks I have, but that's another story ;)

The green round leather cord is a lighter and more green colour  in real than shown here, much more like the leather on the bracelet.

Pewter and dark blue copper threads. 

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