Wednesday, 27 March 2013

New style bracelet & necklace set...

Seems wednesdays are made for blogging lately :)

Here is a quick view of the new style of the necklace & bracelet sets.

Both the necklace and the bracelet are made the same as the normal Stockholm design, but without the back leather, or in this case suede.

The suede is placed around the fastening of the loop and the shed deer antler buttons. The turquoise necklace has pewter button whilst the royal blue necklace has an antler button.

The length of the necklaces are made to personal like. I like these necklaces close to the base of the neck, but any length that is desired is possible. 
Having the necklace length like this makes it also possible to wear the necklace as a double look bracelet without looking too big.

The bracelet is made exactly like the necklace and can also be made in any length. In the picture they have a tight fit to the arm, but also looks good with a bit of extra length (but not to sloppy).

It is a very stylish and clean design without too much fuss. I am at the moment in the progress of finishing a vintage brown set. Any of the colour leather and suede can be made in this design.

The cost for these are:

Necklace (short -mid length) RRP $100          Fb likers / blog readers $ 90
                (long length)          RRP $110                                               $100
Bracelet                                 RRP $70                                                 $60

Set with both                         RRP $160                                               $140

When you order, make sure to state that you have read my blog or liked us on Fb (swedelicious page) to get your special discount.

Have a lovely and safe Easter... time to get organised with the kids special Easter surprises :)

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Easter is on its way...

My kids are certainly longing for Easter. For us it almost as fun as Christmas with art / craft activities, hanging up decorations (even table cloths and runners etc) and of course the filled Easter Eggs that are given one each to each child. In Sweden we fill these eggs with assorted lollies and some (which we do) add a little something / present of money in the egg.
I do not remember ever having chocolate eggs or bunnies so the kids get the best of the 2 cultures: the chocolate egg hunt as well as the filled Easter egg with a little present. Lucky them I say, no wonder they are really looking forward to Easter. But it is a great holiday, in Sweden spring has sprung and here the real heat has finally gone and is most often fantastic (I sooo love a nice warm & sunny autumn day)!

So if you are looking to try the Easter Egg thing, and you are in Melbourne, try to get to Nord Living on Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn. They sell these and you can even buy a bag of Swedish lollies there to fill the eggs with. These lollies are, of course, from us; Swedelicious. If you want more lollies or different ones, jump online and order there.

Here are a couple of pictures of the eggs and a sample bag of the lollies that Nord Living stock.

Happy Pre-Easter everyone :)

Monday, 18 March 2013

A tranquil morning...

The kids, well half of them :) have gone to school with hubby and the calmness that fills the house is fantastic. The little ones are on the sofa watching sesame street and I have, still in pjs, plunked myself with a cup of coffee in front of the computer, with some gorgeous music on... Aaaaaah, lovely!

The house looks like a tornado has struck after this morning's stress, but that will have to wait. Got to make the most of this moment! As long as it will last I will stay here.... be it only for 5 minutes it will be great.

The market yesterday was both a little disappointing and successful. The disppointing bit was that it was soooo very quiet. Hardly anyone through and that makes long 4 hours. It was successful in the fact that I met some lovely people who I think were the reasons that I was there yesterday. I always try to think of the reason why things happen or why you meet some people just in the right time... I go with the belief that everything has a meaning, although sometimes it is very hard to see and even incredible to imagine. But yesterday there were a few key people that have inspired me and re confirmed the path I am on , so yes very successful indeed.

The phone rings, the youngest has fallen and is crying and the doorbell has rung with a delivery of more material (yay!) so my time of bliss I feel is running out so better post these new pictures of the North Star Design and say have a fabulous day, cheers ...

North Star Collection


 Cerise Pink


Dark Blue

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Boutique Market this Sunday 17 March...

A very delayed post about the next market Swede Little Things will be part of:
Quite excited to be part of another market, the first one of the year :)

This market will see the launch of the new round braids designs, shown here in a red / white, blue / turquoise / white and a vintage brown / cream design.
The combinations are endless.

I know the single design was very popular at last year's Scandinavian Christmas Bazaar so I am hoping this will be the same for this one. To me  the new double design both feels and looks better on the arm.

If anyone is keen to go to the Boutique Market at Malvern Town Hall (cnr Glenferrie Rd & High St) it is on at 9 - 1, but make sure to say Hi :)


Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A quick change of pace between colours...

Although I love making bracelets in all variety of colours, it is a really nice break to take another look at black. For some reason it makes me feel cooler in such a balmy weather of  +37!

So here are the present black creations in stock:

Of course, there is also the 3 wave, both in single and double bracelet design:

Another 2 of our most popular and traditional designs:

From the top; Stockholm and 4 wave (shown in double here)

And lastly, 3 of the most popular designs with the sterling silver pearls:

From the top West Coast, Willow and Emma.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Another Pearly Story...

I have to admit, I was not very convinced at first that the white faceted pearls would be to my liking to use with the pewter/silver threads in the Polaris styled bracelets.

However, placing the braid on the white reindeer leather convinced me otherwise. On the arm it gives a really nice effect, especially with the summer's light tan.
The sun catches the facets of the pearls, giving a subdued glistening effect (if that makes sense).

The green suede got a Polaris braid with Swarovski pearls and the cerise pink bracelet was made with sterling silver pearls. All in all I think the pearls worked surprisingly well with each of the colour bracelets.

I wonder how gold threading would look with the Swarovski pearls or the faceted pearls on the white leather...hmm, have to give that one a shot too :)

The pink leather looks more red in the picture...why should it be soooo difficult to catch the correct true colour? In reality, the pink is a really strong pink.

Time to get back to sewing, have markets and a festival to get ready for... and of course, more importantly, a couple of orders :)

Monday, 4 March 2013

Colour Therapy!

My latest retail stockist, Red Hill House, must love colours as my as I do! And I have to say, these colours look fantastic together. It definitely cheers me up!

Most of the colours in the pictures are as true to the real colours you can get. Although, I don't know why but blue and purple shades are really difficult to capture true to what they are in real life... mind you, these pictures are taken just with my iphone in all haste before sending them off today.

Love going to the post office and sending parcels off, and today I am not only sending these but also a tea order to another customers. A really nice feeling.

So here is a colourful and contemporary take on the traditional 3 waves Sami bracelets:

The colours in the photos are (below photo left to right); natural (above photo more of a true colour), pink, purple (same with the purple), turquoise (and same there), green, yellow, orange, red and the last colour is supposed to be tan, a little hard to see.

A lovely break to all those black, dark and vintage browns that I have been making. Thank goodness that we all have different tastes, how boring would life be otherwise.