Monday, 2 July 2012

Stockholm red... a city in my heart!

Out of all the different styles, my favourite (not counting the ones with extra silver flair) would have to be the Stockholm design.. that is probably why it is named after my birth city. 
A city that is just beautiful, warm and with depth. That's how i see this bracelet and using a slight shade difference between the leather of the bracelet and the thinner leather through the top definitely creates more depth. And of course it is red... as my <3 for this city... i know that sounds a bit corny, but hey... i am a little home sick at the moment after speaking to my mum over there and with soo many people i know back home for a holiday.
So i share with you a couple of photos of my birth town and of course the newest bracelet.. in reindeer leather of course with shed antler button and the pewter / silver thread :)

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