Monday, 30 June 2014

Faith, hope, believe...

A few inspirational words / sayings can be very powerful, encouraging and supportive, so if you are thinking of ordering a Sami bracelet for yourself or as a gift, then think about adding inspiration word tags to them. The tags, if ordered together with a Sami bracelet won't cost you anything extra, just make sure you let me know when ordering as it won't be able to be added once the clasp / button is on.
I have the words 'love' and 'faith' on two of my bracelets and I can really recommend this. If things are a bit rough then reading these words can give you that extra bit of boost to take you through or to the next level.
Here is a collage of some pics with the tags and the new round double wraps.
The double wrap won't either add on cost if you add the inspirational saying.

I so like to live my life with 'live your dreams', 'follow your heart' and add faith, hope believe and love and you will have a full and meaningful life.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Metisse; a little gem in the middle of beautiful Olinda...

Yesterday I went to see the lovely Lorna in her beautiful boutique, Metisse, in the middle of Olinda. Just by driving up there my stressed shoulders started to drop an inch or two and Hugo fall asleep in the back. Such a beautiful drive through the forests and up the mountain.

Metisse is by no means a large shop but it is arranged so perfect that you can feel the warmth and immediately feel at home. It is filled with many, and I mean many, gorgeous, interesting, special, must-haves.... and the list goes on... things from homewares to heavenly fudge. We couldn't resist the fudge and bought the chocolate & butterscotch. This in a household of 6, went in 1 sec! Should have bought another one to keep for when the kids were asleep. Well, next time the Cappuccino fudge is MINE ha ha.

Anyway, now Metisse also has a collection of my Swede Little Things bracelets that fit in so well in her beautiful shop. Below is a couple of pictures of the bracelets on display and a rough idea on the type, style and colours that can be found there.

One heart bracelet (not in the pictures) went straight away, I become so happy seeing people happy when they buy one of my bracelets that I put all my love into. Feels good :)

Have a lovely weekend....only 1 week to go till school holidays and no stressful mornings or lunch boxes...bliss!

Shop 8, 540 Mt Dandenong tourist rd

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Summer in Sweden, winter Down Under...

As I see the beautiful summer photos posted on Fb and Instagram a little piece of longing stirs. June is a time for students to graduate, summer holiday plans in the making, national celebration day and midsummer before the population go on their summer vacation.

Here I have noticed this with a few bracelets that have been ordered and sent off to Sweden as graduation presents. It really makes me happy, to be able to make something very Swedish in Australia to send to Sweden.

Here is a photo of the last lot of orders that have been sent off...not all to Sweden though :)

The double heart is not purple as it looks a bit like here in the photo, but more of a jeans colour with a tinge of purple to it.

I so wish that I could be in Sweden right now, seeing how it has come alive with flowers, greenery, happy people as they know that soon they are off on a vacation and they can enjoy the beautiful summer days Sweden can offer... if it is a good summer that is.

The winter here is though very gorgeous, a little chilly in the mornings but it usually has cleared up and with the sun out, the days here are just lovely too. Yesterday a top of 18C, pretty good for a winter day I think..and what better to do when you are chilly....TEA .mmmmmm

The next 2 photos represent me. One is of our beautiful flag and the Swedish Sami bracelets that I have made for the Swedish National Day. 
I believe that All Swedes in Sweden should celebrate the Swedish National Day as it represents everyone in Sweden, whether you have been born there or immigrated. It should not have anything to do with politics, religion etc. Swedes (everyone) should be proud of their heritage, their chance of living in such a beautiful country and we should still be able to do this as well as to welcome those who have chosen to make Sweden their home.. And to stop an outrage of people commenting on how the flag now represent a few right winged warped people and anyone waving the Swedish flag or celebrating the national Day must belong to that group, I have added my Fb profile pic with the sign Vi gilla Olika (We Like Difference) as I am 100% supportive on a multicultural society with everyone living together under humanitarian terms. No one is better and no one is worst
I could probably go on and on here, but it scares me of the conflicts in Sweden and other parts of Europe I hear of and read.

So here is the pic I posted on Fb for the national celebration day...