Friday, 31 May 2013

Did you know...

Looking at the Sami / Sápmi flag one wonders if there is a symbolism for the design and the colours.

Just a little note; Sápmi (or Samiland) is not the same as the province of Sweden called Lapland, but the cultural region of the indigenous population of Northern Europe and covers the northern parts of Norway (40,000 people), Sweden (20,000), Finland (6,000) and even a small northern part of Russia (2,000).
Although it covers the four countries, there is (from as late as 1986) one common flag:

The sun and the moon is symbolised by the circle, where the red part is the sun and the blue part the moon. The red, green, yellow and red is the same colours as the 'kolt, the traditional Sami costume.
I have not been able to find out the significance of those colours, but will keep looking.

The more I read, the more complex the story gets with the different groups, languages, etc. 
To be classified as an indigenous population it means that they have always lived in the same place before the country was invaded or colonised. And as we can see they have their own culture, language and customs to the rest of the society.

It is interesting to note that it wasn't till 1992 that Norway and Finland official recognised the Sami language, whilst it took Sweden to 2000 (!) to recognise it as an official minority language.

As Swedish differs to Norwegian, so does the Sami language. So are they different languages or dialects? 
The Sami language is divided up into 3 main dialects (Eastern Sami, Central Sami & Southern Sami), which in turn can be divided further into 9 further dialects or varieties...out of those dialects Northern Sami is spoken mostly (I believe the figure is 17,000 people comparatively to the roughly 500 who speak Souther Sami). And just like it may be difficult for Swedes and Danes to understand each other so may the understanding be between the different dialects. 

Another interesting fact about the language is that although the estimate of the Sami population in Finland is much less than the Swedish or the Norwegian counterpart, the actual history of the Sami language comes from the same family as Finland, Estonia, Hungary & Livonian called the Finno-Ugric and not like the other Scandinavian languages; part of the Northern Germanic languages. I think I need to look at the movement through history of the Sami, but that will be another post :) 
I will also have to look into the different costumes that are traditional to the Sami as the embroidery, type and colours represent the region from which the people are from. They are absolutely beautiful!

This post will finish with a couple of photos and I will try to find a picture of my late grandfather who was from Gällivare, north of Sweden with his Sami hat and post that later.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Some traditional in the making...

Another really cozy day to be indoors warm and creative. As the two little ones are attempting to build lego creations I am finishing off 5 traditional bracelets. Three which will be shipped off to Nordic Fusion in Mosman and two which will be added to the collection and brought to the next market or festival... if they haven't already been bought that is. With the trend of going traditional and the natural colour tones being in great demands I think the navy blue and brown will last long.

Here are some pics of them:

 the newly made combo

 3wave tan to Nordic Fusion

 4 wave navy blue

 4 wave brown

 4 wave white (always hard to photograph and get the right colour) to Nordic Fusion
4 wave tan also to Nordic Fusion

Time for a cuppa, a toss up between a strong tea or coffee... what a dilemma  :)

Friday, 24 May 2013

Orders, orders and more orders...

First week after Nordic Festival sees the making of many individual orders. LUUUUUV IT!

Below we have some of the Sami bracelets completed, still have a couple to go on the weekend :)

For a male 3w tan reindeer leather

Stockholm without back leather, red reindeer suede

Stockholm design red reindeer leather

Black reindeer leather with gold, willow design
Black reindeer leather in West Coast design

As soon as the rest of the orders are complete and sent I will attempt to start both flickr and and place some of the bracelet on pinterest... Oh so much to do to stay in the picture, that's for sure.
I think I spend as much time on the pc and iphone with instagram, Fb and all other social networking as I am actually spending on making the bracelets, and that is just on the Swede Little Things and Swedelicious.

But I love it or I wouldn't do it of course. Glad I am a little computer savvy or I would not have any time for my 4 children, husband, home etc.

Time to hit the park with the 3 boys... doubt my daughter will come with ha ha ha.
Hope the sun shines on you.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Nordic Festival

What a lovely weekend it was up at Warburton for the Nordic Festival.

I have to say that if the festival could be anywhere in Australia Warburton would still be my choice as the backdrop of the mountains, the greenery and all the autumn colours as well as the river and the gorgeous town (let's not forget the Nordic climate) all make for a fantastic and magical weekend. It truly did feel as if some part of my home longing back to Sweden has been filled. Maybe also watching the Eurovision from my home country and then Sweden winning GOLD in the world championship in ice hockey also helped to fill the little empty longing spot in me.

Here are some lovely pictures of the weekend, and of course I have to include my children, well 3 out of 4 anyway.

My true Viking children

My lovely sister from Nord Living

It was interesting to see to what sold well at the market for me. I think the most popular colours seemed to black (as per usual) but also the plum suede, dark red and dark blue for the girls and the vintage brown for the guys. 
plum 3 and 4 wave

brown 3 wave and a vintage brown 4 wave

red Stockholm design

Although, for the little girls it was still pink and purple that were the go. I will never forget the little girl around 6 who asked what they cost. I replied '60-80' to which she asked 'cents?' Oh bless her!

The styles most popular were definitely the more traditional designs, but in particular the Stockholm design, which I have 4 orders of to do this week.

And out of the silver pearls it was the willow design;

Now the sun is out, so maybe after school pickup the side porch will make a beautiful spot to continue my orders from the festival... add some Swedish music on spotify a cup of my Swedish teablend and I will be in heaven...

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Sick kids and work...

So today was supposed to be full of planned activities, work and chores but alas my youngest little star isn't shining so brightly. Whilst he was having temperature during the night I spent restless hours trying to re-plan and re-map my coming day, not easy.

So it is midday and still in PJs but he has finally allowed me to break free for a few minutes to pack the last order to be shipped off today. And hopefully, will be able to venture out to the post office at least to send it later in the day.

As a mum your heart breaks when they are not well and the reorganising is just a small part of it all. Most of all, the important thing is just being there regadless of the back log of work and chores.

Here is a photo of the necklace that is being shipped out today together with Acai;  green loose leaf tea blend.

 This is part of my favourite place at home, my creative corner <3

Have a great day and stay healthy! Time to cuddle my little star <3

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Finally back on the computer...

After moving out 3 weeks ago, temporary accommodation for a week and then moving into our new home 2 weeks ago, today we finally have both phone and internet.

As a result of numerous phone calls to Telstra after they message me that there is a working phone line, a technician came and found the fault with the wiring in the house. And voila, we have contact!

Now, the unpacking is still calling me, but I just have to touch base on my blog and show a couple of things that I am working on that have been ordered.

Finished is an olive reindeer leather bracelet in the 4 wave style but slightly wider braid as a result of the extra silver/pewter threads in the braid. 19cmx2.5cm

A dark red Stockholm design reindeer leather bracelet 18cmx2cm

Still working on these Stockholm design bracelets (red and turquoise) as well as the turquoise necklace out of reindeer suede. 
I just love how the colours of the suede really comes alive in this style. Hard to capture with a camera though.

Now back to the last boxes... always the hardest to unpack! Then finish these off so I can send them away.