Monday, 21 October 2013

Monday update...

Sitting by the computer on a lovely Monday morning, well the weather isn't in an ideal world as beautiful but there is something about today. Don't know whether it is a calmness from the constant wind these day that makes it so nice or just an internal content and happiness. Regardless it is lovely to sit in my office and work <3
Today's update is of orders made and more market stock...
 3 wave navy reindeer
 blue combo
Polaris blue reindeer with sterling silver pearls in alternating sizes

 Round chocolate kangaroo double wrap with magnetic zamak lock
Collage of the round male / unisex wraps in chocolate brown and tan

Time to put on spotify and listen to some Swedish music whilst working on a shop order. <3

Friday, 18 October 2013

Some custom orders on their way...

It is always hard to find the time to jump on the computer to show the work that has been made for customers.
Well, in fact I find it hard to do anything (apart from being with my awesome family of course) other sitting at my favourite place at home making and sewing bracelets and necklaces.

Her are some pics of the newest bracelets and custom orders.

The jade, pink and cobalt blue are all new colours:

The next few are orders, or part orders if I am to be correct.

 brown 3 wave
cerise 3 wave
brown, both vintage and normal
 vintage brown polaris wrap, 56cm
male (22cm) brown kangaroo wrap with magnetic zamak lock

Thursday, 10 October 2013

In preparation for the Sister's Market...

This will probably be the shortest blog in terms of words, just a quick look at some of the new bracelets that I will have with me at Sister's Market in Coburg this saturday.

All bracelets can be made with all the different clasps:

 Blue reindeer
 white and blue reindeer
 black and purple kangaroo
 purple kangaroo

 front and back black reindeer
 black kangaroo

 fron and back tan and red kangaroo

 front and back orange kangaroo
 purple kangaroo
 red kangaroo
 tan kangaroo

 front and back red salmon
 olive reindeer
 red reindeer
 red and olive reindeer
white reindeer
 black reindeer
 white reindeer
 blue reindeer
 blue kangaroo
 red and white kangaroo
 turquoise kangaroo and black reindeer
 red kangaroo
 turquoise kangaroo
 white kangaroo
yellow kangaroo

 brown kangaroo and white and blue reindeer

This is where we will be this saturday 10-4.

This is a good chance to see these in person, get a feel for them and order something that fits and suits you at market prices. Will have $15-20 off RRP :)

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

custom orders...

These 2 orders are the last custom orders that I have made and sent.
The first bracelet is for a 'to be' 12 year old who was born in Sweden and now lives here in Australia.
The mother found a picture of a bracelet I had made on instagram, but instead of making it with 3 rows it was made with 2. A 3 row bracelet would have a been a little wide on a tiny 12 year old wrist, but this should look great. I hope the daughter likes it :)

It is 1.5cm wide and we made it 16cm long. It will stretch so as she grows so will it. Of course it has a horn antler button with the black reindeer leather.

This combination if for a lady who saw this combination on me, except the ones that I wear are dark blue.
They look great on the arm together, a good combo!

When I started making the round black the first time I realised it would be too long and what a pity to cut it, so I made it a triple with a different clasp.

Also a nice combination on the wrist.

Here is my instagram collage:

Here i have only used the reindeer leather for the round bracelets, but yesterday I spent the whole day making round double and triple bracelets with kangaroo leather. It is much stiffer than the reindeer and becomes a little wider, but it too will soften up.