Monday, 26 August 2013

For dads, partners, brothers, sons....

This post is in honour towards all the men out there, whether you are a dad, granddad,  partner,  brother or a son. In other words you cannot be too young or too old to wear bracelets. In fact, as I know I have written before, there is nothing nicer on a guy than a nice bracelet.

I have a range of bracelets that men have bought and I thought I would show them again together with some new bracelets. These bracelets are by no means just meant for males as they are unisex and very popular amongst the women too, but they have shown to be the favourite ones amongst the males that I know and those who have bought from me.

I am going to start with introducing my plain new reindeer leather bracelets with stainless steel clasps.

 Double black 1.25 x 36 cm $75    (RRP$90)
 Olive single 1.25 x 19.5cm $50    (RRP$60)

Red (dark) single 1.25 x 20.5 cm $50    (RRP$60)

Next will be of assorted bracelet combinations, Sami as well as the above plain. I have chosen the natural colours here, but just because you are male you should not be limited to these colours. These can be made in any colours.

4 wave $70 (RRP$80)

 Stockholm Design $70 (RRP$80)
3 wave Navy and black $50 (RRP$60)

 Vintage brown

Tan 4 wave and Stockholm

To conclude I have place a few recent photos of my own men as well as a photo form Pella P.hoto where she has photographed her own son wearing her Sami bracelet. I thank her for me being able to show her beautiful boy and his great style.

Any orders for Father's Day need to be in by wednesday the latest this week (if you live in Australia that is) to allow for the making and sending.  As I will be working at Nordliving on Saturday any orders can be picked up from there then, 220 Clarendon St South Melbourne.


Friday, 9 August 2013

Sooo excited, new series of bracelets...

I am just loving today! Not only are the kids playing really well despite the rainy day, but I have finally finished my first 4 bracelets in the new series of bracelets.
I haven't yet named these, but I am using different typed of leathers; salmon, wolffish and reindeer with the different clasps that I recently received from Spain.

I will trialling different sorts of clasps out in various metals (all from stainless steel, sterling silver to silver colour), so hopefully the end result will be a range of beautiful and unique bracelets in a varied price range.

My first lot of pictures of these.

This is in reindeer leather so I can make this in all the colours that the Sami bracelets come in. Here it is in a dark blue.

This bracelet is made from red salmon leather. It will also be available in a flat surface and in various colours within the next couple of months. At the moment this vibrant red is what is available right now.

This bracelet is made out of the only scaleless fish, the Wolffish! Here shown in the red colour with a very strong magnetic lock. The colours will also be available in various colours soon, but anyone wanting to order red is available right now.

Same silver lock as the Salmon bracelet, but here it is in a white reindeer leather. All bracelets are finely finished off with hand stiched seams. All colours available now. 

The width of these bands are roughly 1.3cm. I am waiting for clasps that are wider so will be making a male range too.

Any feedback most welcomed as it is such a help to hear what other people think works and doesn't.

A bright spot on a rainy day...

Here in Melbourne the rain is pouring and inside the lights and heaters are all on. But, despite a slightly unwell child, the day isn't a depressing one. The three boys are having some cosy play school time, drinking Milo and in good spirits, whilst I can concentrate on catching up with some custom orders.

Three of my bracelets have made their way over the continent and will soon find their new homes. Feel great to make something Scandinavian here in Melbourne and having orders from Sweden.

After finishing customer orders I have new silver clasps that will be used on both the reindeer and fish leather. More info and pictures to come at the end of the day...

Here is a picture from my window into the rainy Melbourne day and in contrast to the latest brightly coloured Sami bracelet custom order completed. Who needs the sun to brighten up the day?! :)

This style, for those who are not familiar how I name the bracelets, is called a 4 wave as you need 4 sets of 2 threads to weave this braid.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Days after the trade show...

Wow, what a fantastic trade show in such a beautiful building! So prefer being there rather than the showgrounds, no comparison!

I think the beautiful building reflected on the people, both exhibitors and retailers as everyone that I came into contact with seems to have been all smiles and with a positive energy.

I found my favourite jeweller there; Wise Jewellery which I first discovered at the Rocks market in Sydney. My birthday ring I bought there I wear everyday and it just gets nicer.
Another exhibitor that I loved was Vivid Elements with her beautiful and colourful glassware, especially the gorgeous red glass lamp!

So now comes the days to process orders, follow up on interests and get down to serious sewing :) I like!

Here are some photos from the show

Friday, 2 August 2013

Scandinavian Hits at the trade show.

There seems to be quite a Scandinavian flair at the Life inStyle trade show in Melbourne, apart from the many Australian made / designed of course.
Swedish design and made porcelain jewellery, Sägen, has really taken the show by storm at the Nord Living stand. These unique pieces, are made from well know porcelain sets like Mona Mi, Berså etc... I think many of you will recognise the familiar and gorgeous patterns.

Isn't the Mona Mi patterned bracelet (bottom left corner) just beautiful!

Other products that are represented by Nord Living at the show is the Finnish company, Lipponia, and their lovely woollen products like this red cape, as well as the Swedish company Sandgrens Clogs.
Here is a picture from their stand.

Of course Swede Little Things are also represented there... so for those who are thinking of going to the trade show (not open for the general public) come upstairs to stand 9010 and say hello...on sunday I will be there :)

The picture to the right is the salmon leather bracelet. I have a sample of some of the colours available in the salmon. The wolffish sample chart has not yet been finished unfortunately. 
Remember, all orders made at the show gets a 10% discount.

Stay warm and hope to see you there on Sunday :)