Saturday, 8 December 2012

Happy Customer

I love it when people get as excited as I do with the bracelets that I make.
Thank you C, for the lovely feedback, it makes my day!

LOVING my new vintage chocolate brown, reindeer leather with pewter thread and antler button bracelet l, courtesy of the amazingly talentedHelene Von Schrenk at Swedelicious ♥

Delivery time

Sitting in the heat of +37 degrees it is hard to get motivated to do anything but work on my bracelet orders.
These were finished and delivered to Nordliving, waiting for pick ups by my lovely customers.

Now back to the last 10 bracelets that needs to be done over the weekend... where are the elves to help me? I wouldn't mind a bit if, while I was asleep at night, they would come in and voila the house would not only be clean but all the decorations and the christmas tree would be up... not too much to ask for, is it??  Hi hi I don't think so. 

Stay cool if you are in Melbourne and warm if in Sweden <3

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Apology & recovery

After a very intensive couple of weeks I finally am back on the blog with a huge apology for not posting pictures of all the bracelets created for orders and the markets that have been.

And what great markets! Recovery should be on the list, but with all the orders that I have received I (happily) stay full steamed ahead!

Next week Zouk will be getting a shippment of 3 waves, double length 4 waves and a different wide style that they have come up with. Photos will come :)

Love it when people have an idea of what they are after and together come up with how it should look.

Now back to putting my love and attention to the bracelets on order, just have to wait till my little man stop feeding... well, sleeping it should be as he has contently snoozed off all cosy and full >3

If in Melbourne stay warm...till saturday when it shall be 37!!!