Saturday, 8 December 2012

Happy Customer

I love it when people get as excited as I do with the bracelets that I make.
Thank you C, for the lovely feedback, it makes my day!

LOVING my new vintage chocolate brown, reindeer leather with pewter thread and antler button bracelet l, courtesy of the amazingly talentedHelene Von Schrenk at Swedelicious ♥

Delivery time

Sitting in the heat of +37 degrees it is hard to get motivated to do anything but work on my bracelet orders.
These were finished and delivered to Nordliving, waiting for pick ups by my lovely customers.

Now back to the last 10 bracelets that needs to be done over the weekend... where are the elves to help me? I wouldn't mind a bit if, while I was asleep at night, they would come in and voila the house would not only be clean but all the decorations and the christmas tree would be up... not too much to ask for, is it??  Hi hi I don't think so. 

Stay cool if you are in Melbourne and warm if in Sweden <3

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Apology & recovery

After a very intensive couple of weeks I finally am back on the blog with a huge apology for not posting pictures of all the bracelets created for orders and the markets that have been.

And what great markets! Recovery should be on the list, but with all the orders that I have received I (happily) stay full steamed ahead!

Next week Zouk will be getting a shippment of 3 waves, double length 4 waves and a different wide style that they have come up with. Photos will come :)

Love it when people have an idea of what they are after and together come up with how it should look.

Now back to putting my love and attention to the bracelets on order, just have to wait till my little man stop feeding... well, sleeping it should be as he has contently snoozed off all cosy and full >3

If in Melbourne stay warm...till saturday when it shall be 37!!!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Nordic Fusion Bondi Beach

Last weekend I had the pleasure to visit the Nordic Fusion shop at Bondi Beach to see my Sami bracelets displayed and sold of course.

At the same time I couldn't resist buying some dip mix, Polly and Marianne lollies... Mmm!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Feeling very Swedish :)

Thought I would put this photo up of my patriotic bracelets, as I am feeling very Swedish today in the spring weather. Although, this would be more like a summer day ;)
The blue reindeer suede is such a nice and vibrant colour whilst the yellow leather is a more subdue yellow, but equally nice.

Have a fab day :)

Wednesday, 17 October 2012


This is where we will be with our Sami Jewellery range... At Style After Dark Market
25th October 530-930 in South Melbourne under the verandah corner of Cecil and Coventry sts.

"Independent local fashion, hawker-style food, wine bars and restaurants, live music and great entertainment. The South Melbourne Night Market 'Style After Dark' brings this all together every Thursday night. Stroll the Market's wide verandahs and discover a vibrant community of local designers and artists. Find that new frock, feast on authentic street food or catch up with friends under the star. Stroll the Market's wide verandahs and discover a vibrant community of local designers and artists. Find that new frock, feast on authentic street food or catch up with friends under the stars." (from their website)

Come and say hello if you are there :) 

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

double trouble :)

A new double has been made out of the blue (a slight purple tinge to it) suede in the willow design.
I just love this design and am constantly wearing my vintage brown double willow bracelet. It works really well as a double and it is slightly more narrow than the majority of the bracelets at 1cm wide.

I also have gold threads and 14ct gold plated (on sterling silver) balls so this design can also be made in gold, which I think would look just beautiful on a darker reindeer leather or suede. Any suggestions on colour?


new styles and new colours...

First two of the new styles finished.
The turquoise round reindeer leather bracelet has 3 sterling silver ball beads as well as a sterling silver ball lock (all the same size).
The dark blue reindeer leather bracelet has a pewter button and 3 silver / glass beads in the turquoise colour range.

These types of bracelets will be available in all of the colour ranges in old and new colours.

Both styles will be priced at RRP $55 but of course, for my lovely readers and / or fb likers etc etc there will be a 10% discount. The discount will also be available at all the markets that we will be part of... and there are a few coming up towards Christmas :)


Monday, 1 October 2012

New spring colours!!!!

So another lot of 3-braid Sami bracelets heading to Nordic Fusion stores in Sydney; black, white, tan and pink.
Whilst I am busy busy busy with the next lots of orders these beautiful colour leather and suede bands come in. I just had to get these, even though the leather is made out of lamb hide (couldn't get the same colour in reindeer leather) rather than reindeer, but the suede is reindeer suede.
The excitement is huge and I just help to start making something with them, but which to start on first??

New spring coloured lamb hides (the middle one is dark purple)

New spring coloured reindeer suede (3rd from left is turquoise which looks a little more green than shown on the photo)

love love love these :)))))))))

Friday, 14 September 2012

A lovely watch for a lovely lady...

My latest watch order ready and shipped today.

Love making these watches as they can be used as a jewellery piece just like a bracelet but with a function. It is so nice to match what you are wearing with a watch.

There was a man at last market who said that he has 30 odd watches and changes them depending on the mood and what he is wearing. Now that is one man who knows how to accessories!

I wonder how a double wrap watch would look?
Cheers :)

Monday, 10 September 2012

Sisters' Market

Last Saturday I was at the Sisters' Market in Brunswick Town Hall showcasing and selling my collection of Sami bracelets.

I was hoping that my sign holder was going to come (as promised) beforehand but NO SHOW, so there wasn't a name sign there :(
Oh, well, it hopefully will arrive in the next day or so. So much for the 'we dispatch on the same day, delivery 1-2 days if in Melbourne metrolpolitan'!

I really liked my deer holders (I have a few pearl bracelets hanging on their horns).
Also, the Tasmanian oak stand for the 3 and 4 wave was made by my beautiful husband, thank you!

I feel that the double bracelets as well as the watches were of most interest. I definitely have to make more of those.
Below is a photo of the Willow double that I had made for myself in the new vintage brown... just looove it!

Although a little quite at times, it was a nice market to launch the Swede Little Things Sami bracelets and I now have sooo many ideas for new types of bracelets as well as necklaces and other jewellery... hmm maybe even a purse or bag.... My mind is racing!

Have a great start of Spring! What a fantastic day it has been!

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Another great market you will find us...

If you can't make your way to Malvern Town hall on the 9th of Sep, there is another market not to be missed. 8th of sep we will be at the Sisters' Market at Brunswick Town Hall. :)

Hope to see you there :)

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Hope to see you heeeeeere.....

I hope to be able to say hello to as many of you (who live nearby of course) on the sunday the 9th of September. I will be there showcasing and selling the whole range of the Sami jewellery collections. As I only have 1 of each in most colours I can't promise what you are after will be there, but you can always place an order.
Any purchases or orders on the day will receive great discount, or pick up a 10% voucher for your next order. This can be used for tea or jewellery orders.

Time to get busssssyyyyyy !!!!!! :)

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


A quick look at what other designs are available. The reindeer leather here is white but any colour can be used as well as different colour combinations for the thread 'branches'.
The silver balls here are 3 mm.


I have been so busy with the order to Nordic Fusion that I haven't been able to post other finished bracelets. So while I'm multitasking by feeding my baby & blogging I'm going to start with my Emma design, now also made in black, olive and dark brown. The silver balls are 4 mm each but I think that it would look really nice in 3 mm.

Friday, 17 August 2012

hey hoe it's off to Sydney we go...

Ok, So now I know what I'll be doing for the next couple of months. This week I got another order from Nordic Fusion up in Sydney (Mossman, Manly & Bondi) shops for another 76!!! Sami bracelets.
There will soon be more 3 waves and 4 waves reindeer leather bracelets in black, white, tan and cerise. Below is a picture of the first 6 finished... Now just 70 to go..Love it!!

But I still have time to prepare for the upcoming markets and personal order so here is a double 3 wave, with silver pearls weaved in, in black. Boy does my wrist look pale over the wood hi hi.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Another Pearl for Stockholm...

This is an extremely quick post of the latest Stockholm Pearl Sami Bracelets made... can't really decide which colour I prefer! I guess it all depends on the mood, time of day / night and season... maybe it is best to have enough to cover all hi hi :

Here are tan, purple, dark brown, red, plum (suede) and olive...

 Dark Brown
Plum (suede)

Which do you prefer??

Friday, 10 August 2012

What's the time Mr.Wolf?

I have to say that I dread the day books are a thing of the past. I hope it never happens and so far I still know quite a few who cannot bare the thought of reading a book via the ipad instead of it in their hands. Nothing can replace the feeling of reading a paper book, the smell and the relaxation.
Similar thing with the good old watch. How many rely on their phone to know the time? But when the phone is down and needs to be recharged, then what?
So I have got 2 watches made with reindeer leather and Sami ornamentation in pewter / silver threads. The red watch even has sterling silver pearls inter weaved.
The clock faces are stainless steel, but can be ordered with sterling silver instead, although there will be an increase in price of course.

All the little trimmings like the lock, the loops etc are all sterling silver. The loops enable the watch to fit a broader range of wrist width.
Both clock faces are rectangular and similar in size, although the face that the red band has is slightly thinner and more curved. It has a more vintage look than the other one.

So if you see a bracelet style you like remember that you can have that as a watch band too, and in a variety of colours.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

West Coast Pearl

While Stockholm and the East Coast may be the heart of mine, West Coast of Sweden is deep in my husband's heart as that is where he grew up and feels at home.
So it is to him, my loving husband, this design is dedicated to and I have called it ¨West Coast¨!
The silver pearls are 2.5 mm in diameter but of course can be made with larger size silver pearls (as well as coloured Swarovski pearls too).

It is a quite delicate and a balanced / harmonious design. I feel that this design would also look great as a necklace... hmm maybe that is my next project after I have finished my watches (stay tuned for photos on those later this week).

Have a great evening, now off to some more Olympics :)

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Aurora... Have you seen the Northern Lights?

I'm starting this post looking at a picture of The Aurora Borealis taken by 50 Degrees North. 

What beauty!!!! One day I would love to make such a journey! 50 Degrees North offers so many different ones that if I had the money (& the time!) I'm not sure which I'd choose. Have a look and be inspired!

Now back to my Aurora ;)
These reindeer with silver / pewter threads come in a variety of beautiful colours just like the real Aurora, although mine aren't the results of electrons and magnetic fields.

 Dark blue (somewhat darker in real life)
 Plum suede... the leather chord is darker than on the picture.
 Pink, but I'm sure you all can see that :)

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

A Double Loop...

Today this post feels very spot on in my day so far. With too little sleep (thank you Hugo) I feel quite 'loopy' myself and I find myself going round in circles whilst trying to get things done. Those with or have had small children most likely understand what I am on about.
So here comes a new creation of a double loop 3 wave reindeer leather bracelet. In this picture you can also see the 'shed' (I emphasise shed as no animal has been shot for this button) antler button.
This red is like a wild strawberry red (smultron in Swedish) but I do have a darker red as well as this one.

Have a great day today... sun is shining here, so I am about to head out, hoping that I wont 'walk' around in circles as well..he he

Friday, 27 July 2012

Him & Her

A "him" and "her" Stockholm design reindeer leather bracelet set. A dark brown was chosen for him and for her the white one.