Friday, 31 January 2014

Brush Rabbit in Tassie...

I think I have welcomed Brush Rabbit in Deloraine, Tasmania before, however I though I'd post the pictures of the jewellery that is on its way there. Swedelicious teas should already be there by now.

The wide magnetic Zamak clasp bracelets are made from kangaroo (black) and reindeer leather (blue). The other bracelets are Sami 3 wave bracelets in black, charcoal and blue reindeer leather.
Bon voyage my little ones :)

Thursday, 30 January 2014

A bit of bling...

Now and then I get the urge for a little bling.
Here are some of the new bling bracelets. They are all made of reindeer leather, silver/pewter threading. Some have the original shed deer antler horn buttons, whilst others have either magnetic or hook in Zamak clasps.

 Red Emma design with 4mm sterling silver pearls

 West Coast Navy with 2,5mm sterling silver pearls

Stockholm Design in purple. The leather through the centre is purple kangaroo. The sterling silver pearls are 2,5mm

 Vintage Brown with a Zamak heart silver slider and sterling silver 3mm pearls. I am yet to name this design :)
Polaris design in tan with Bohemian crystals

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Getting ready with some new designs and variations...

So it is another hot week in Melbourne AGAIN! I have been busy trying to organize the bracelets that I will be displaying at the trade fare inSydney next month.
So here are a few photos...due to the shut down from the heat they are not the best photos I have taken.
These first 2 are in the Göta Kanal design, which has silver peter threading twists for borders and glass stones / sterling silver balls in the middle.
I do have an assortment of coloured glass pearls, hence would be able to make all sorts of colour combination bracelets.

The next are of a new Zamak silver clasp that I had previously ordered but not done anything with. It has a flat end on one side, continuing to a round side. These ones are made with kangaroo leather as it provides for a firm fit and it sits really nice on. 

Second last is a blue variation to the previously white one that was done. It is a double wrap bracelet in reindeer leather, but instead of a Zamak silver hook in clasp it is a magnetic one. This style really looks nice in a silver clasp instead of the horn buttons.

Lastly.. I was about to write, but I already have a couple more that are new totally in design waiting to be photographed... and they of course bear the silver heart slider :)
However, this one is a blue variation to the Gällivare design as well as wide plain kangaroo bracelet s in white and red.

 Soon there will be a tan with Bohemian crystals as well as a vintage brown bling bracelet...just love these.
Hope you all in Melbourne can stay cool...let's pray for some cooler weather, it is not easy to sew with sweaty hands ha ha.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Welcome to 2014! Here is our new catalogue...

These are our Retail prices. Anyone who has likes our Swedelicious page on Fb or is a follower of our blog are able to order with a discount between 10 - 20% depending on the design.
If you have any enquiries about a discount for a particular design please email

Happy New Year, may 2014 be a safe, loving, healthy and prosperous year for all of you!
Looking forward to a fantastic 2014... the year of the Horse!
This little Fire Horse is ready for big leaps :)