Friday, 27 July 2012

Him & Her

A "him" and "her" Stockholm design reindeer leather bracelet set. A dark brown was chosen for him and for her the white one.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A Dedication to Men...

Even though I previously wrote that most designs are unisex I would like to share with you two of my husbands bracelets that he chose to wear. Mind you that the black ¨Aurora¨ design I have sold to women too, but in other colours.

And this was my son's choice to have...

Aaaaand how can one go past this gorgeous 4 year old boy...

Stockholm Pearl

Any design, well most I think, can be made a little bit more fancy (and feminine) with the addition of silver pearls. As the designs are in general unisex and works on both a male and female arm, the addition of these silver pearls give the bracelets a more of a shine and glitter.
Below are two Stockholm design bracelets with the addition of 26 x 2.5 mm sterling silver pearls. They really catch the light well,

These are 1.25 cm wide but remember that most designs can be made on 0.5 - 2.5 mm wide leather and there is a wide range of colours.
I am going to have this design (with and without pearls)in all the colours that I stock; black, dark brown, tan, white, pink, red, plum, dark red, purple, dark blue, turquoise, olive green and light green.
I am going to see if I can find orange and yellow reindeer leather in time for spring.

Monday, 23 July 2012

The simple, but very stylish design...

I have to admit, sometimes the most stylish is the simplest of designs and both the 3 wave bracelets and the 4 wave bracelets proves that theory.
Below is the 4 wave design in black and plum reindeer leather / suede.

These, in fact most designs, can be made with a more narrow leather / suede so that there is only a slight colour border of the pewter design. Most of the ready made bracelets are 1.25 cm in width and 17.5 - 18.5 cm in length.

Hmm, I wonder how a more narrow triple bracelet in the 4 wave design would look? That is on the to do list now. Do you have a to do list? Mine is usually longer than what is realistic and I have a habit of doing extra tasks (not on the list) and writing them down on the list with a tick after I have completed the task.
Next on my list is a cake for my darling Emma on her name day today... Happy Name Day Darling!!!

Twinkle winkle little "North Star"

Today I am writing this one handed as I have my baby sleeping on me. At least the keyboard on the mac is bigger than the one on the iPhone so I shouldn't have too many problems :)
Two bracelets I want to show here is from the North Star style. Both have the same design, except that the dark blue has a blue copper thread while the green has a leather cord. Due to the width of the leather cord I have had to use a triplet silver / pewter threads to make it balanced. If it is one thing that can bug me is if things aren't balanced; in harmony.
I have to admit, it does take me a few minutes each morning to straighten everything around the house when the family hoard has left... OCD is what my daughter thinks I have, but that's another story ;)

The green round leather cord is a lighter and more green colour  in real than shown here, much more like the leather on the bracelet.

Pewter and dark blue copper threads. 

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Two little hands...

Two weekends ago we were celebrating my darling husband's birthday on the beach. In the afternoon the sun was just glorious and Hugo was sitting on my lap and of course he just loves to fiddle with my bracelets whenever he can... or with anything for that matter. So here is a photo of it.

I just love his gorgeous little hands! Next time it will have to be his feet as they triumphs everything :)
Nothing better than baby feet, especially the smell...mmmm. Hopefully I am not the only weird mum who loves sniffing baby / toddler feet... ok maybe even older.
For those of you in Melbourne, enjoy the sunshine!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

From Sami Bracelets to Princess Cake.

Sometimes the most simple can be the most stylish I think. The original Sami bracelets that i can remember (hence not a fact, just the old memory) is the simple 3 wave braided bracelet. It just seems to go with everything, whether day or night wear, fancy or casual.
It is a bit like the Swedish Princess cake; so simple in design and ingredients but the taste is extraordinary! Maybe i should have named the 3 wave bracelets 'princess cake' :)
Below i have placed pictures of a double length black, an olive and a plum reindeer suede 3 wave bracelet.
Of course I can't go past the opportunity in sharing a picture of the princess cake.... Hmm a cup of black Swedelicious (of course :) ) high Tea blend would suit it to a T(ea)!

Winter colours

Olive reindeer leather 

Plum reindeer suede

Double length wrap in black reindeer leather
Here is the picture of the Princess i promised. I have shared Semiswede's blog photo. Have a read about the cake, the history and the making of it. Very interesting!

Isn't it just delicious!!!!!
In her post about this cake is a recipe from a very old Swedish cookbook.... i must try!
Enjoy and bon apitit (please ignore the feeble attempt to spell in french) :)

Monday, 2 July 2012

Stockholm red... a city in my heart!

Out of all the different styles, my favourite (not counting the ones with extra silver flair) would have to be the Stockholm design.. that is probably why it is named after my birth city. 
A city that is just beautiful, warm and with depth. That's how i see this bracelet and using a slight shade difference between the leather of the bracelet and the thinner leather through the top definitely creates more depth. And of course it is red... as my <3 for this city... i know that sounds a bit corny, but hey... i am a little home sick at the moment after speaking to my mum over there and with soo many people i know back home for a holiday.
So i share with you a couple of photos of my birth town and of course the newest bracelet.. in reindeer leather of course with shed antler button and the pewter / silver thread :)