Wednesday, 11 July 2012

From Sami Bracelets to Princess Cake.

Sometimes the most simple can be the most stylish I think. The original Sami bracelets that i can remember (hence not a fact, just the old memory) is the simple 3 wave braided bracelet. It just seems to go with everything, whether day or night wear, fancy or casual.
It is a bit like the Swedish Princess cake; so simple in design and ingredients but the taste is extraordinary! Maybe i should have named the 3 wave bracelets 'princess cake' :)
Below i have placed pictures of a double length black, an olive and a plum reindeer suede 3 wave bracelet.
Of course I can't go past the opportunity in sharing a picture of the princess cake.... Hmm a cup of black Swedelicious (of course :) ) high Tea blend would suit it to a T(ea)!

Winter colours

Olive reindeer leather 

Plum reindeer suede

Double length wrap in black reindeer leather
Here is the picture of the Princess i promised. I have shared Semiswede's blog photo. Have a read about the cake, the history and the making of it. Very interesting!

Isn't it just delicious!!!!!
In her post about this cake is a recipe from a very old Swedish cookbook.... i must try!
Enjoy and bon apitit (please ignore the feeble attempt to spell in french) :)

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