Monday, 1 September 2014

Nubuck black...

I really like the new black i have received. It is so smooth!!!!

let's go wide...

Spring styles and colours...

Here are a few pictures of the spring colours; jade, jeans, orange, lime, mint, aqua and soft pink and of course natural and white.

jade 3w

jeans 3w

gällivare blue

gällivare lime

gällivare mint

gällivare orange

blue plain with heart

red plain with heart

jeans with heart and white

side view of the believe slider

jade combo

jeans collage

jeans group

lime collage

lime group

mint collage

orange collage

orange group

orange plain group

orange plain with slider

aqua plain double with 3 sliders, incl faith

pink plain double with 2 sliders

mint, white and turquoise 

mint wide

natural wide