Friday, 14 September 2012

A lovely watch for a lovely lady...

My latest watch order ready and shipped today.

Love making these watches as they can be used as a jewellery piece just like a bracelet but with a function. It is so nice to match what you are wearing with a watch.

There was a man at last market who said that he has 30 odd watches and changes them depending on the mood and what he is wearing. Now that is one man who knows how to accessories!

I wonder how a double wrap watch would look?
Cheers :)

Monday, 10 September 2012

Sisters' Market

Last Saturday I was at the Sisters' Market in Brunswick Town Hall showcasing and selling my collection of Sami bracelets.

I was hoping that my sign holder was going to come (as promised) beforehand but NO SHOW, so there wasn't a name sign there :(
Oh, well, it hopefully will arrive in the next day or so. So much for the 'we dispatch on the same day, delivery 1-2 days if in Melbourne metrolpolitan'!

I really liked my deer holders (I have a few pearl bracelets hanging on their horns).
Also, the Tasmanian oak stand for the 3 and 4 wave was made by my beautiful husband, thank you!

I feel that the double bracelets as well as the watches were of most interest. I definitely have to make more of those.
Below is a photo of the Willow double that I had made for myself in the new vintage brown... just looove it!

Although a little quite at times, it was a nice market to launch the Swede Little Things Sami bracelets and I now have sooo many ideas for new types of bracelets as well as necklaces and other jewellery... hmm maybe even a purse or bag.... My mind is racing!

Have a great start of Spring! What a fantastic day it has been!