Sunday, 30 March 2014

New Retailers to stock our bracelets...

My days are filled still with trying to get all the bracelets for new retailers who have joined in to stock Swede Little Things bracelets.
We first have Promenade in Black Rock who only stock handmade goods. Their own handmade bags are sooo gorgeous! They have decided to stock mainly plain reindeer and lamb hide bracelets; singles, double wraps and wider cuffs.

Before them, I send these off to a shop called Le Cigale in Launceston, TAS...

Traditional 3 wave and 4 wave with either antler buttons or silver clasps.

And last but definitely not least are these heart bracelets which will be sent off to Michelle's Thredbo, in Thredbo (of course) in NSW.

These are made with the vintage brown, black and white reindeer leather, sterling silver pearls, silver hearts and Zamak silver clasps.

For those shops in others states, I would love to visit them as they look and sounds so gorgeous and just what my bracelets needs :)

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Life after Life inStyle...

It has been way too long since last blog...almost sounds like a confession at church... but my time has been spent making and sending both personal orders as well as shop orders, some new from the trade show and some from existing shop stockists.
Here are one of each...
Nord living received a new set off both the traditional and newer styles.

And now to introduce a new stockist from Balmain in Sydney: Punch Gallery!

They will be receiving this week these 10 bracelets. Remember, if you visit any of our stockists and you either want a particular style, colour or size they don't have, always ask them to order it in for you. I will endeavour to have it made and sent within the week.

The heart, Stockholm with white through on black and with black with no back leather.
Another heart design in vintage brown, a 3 wave and Stockholm (no back leather) also in vintage brown and Emma in oxbrown. All silver beads are sterling silver.

A navy West Coast and a blue 
polaris both in reindeer and sterling silver beads.