Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Bracelet update...

What a moment, I am filled with utter love and thankfullness as I sit on my bed this very cold and rainy day and write, with classical chillout music on spotify. My two boys have snuggled down beside me and have fallen into a twitching sleep. Soon the twitches will stop as they fall deeper as sleep. Their heavy breathing and beautiful sleeping faces fill my eyes with tears, of pure happiness of course. I am so utterly thankful and blessed, not only with such a family, but also to be able to experience moments like these.

So, the aim for this  was not to write about two of my little love lying beside me, but of posting picture updates of newly made I will be strong and get to it.

 The bottom picture is from last saturday when I worked at Nordliving... a real blue and white theme!
The white and blue, which will become my Soumi bracelet, is made from white reindeer leather and blue kangaroo through the pewter threads. The clasp is a silver Zamak hook in clasp, which makes it look extra stylish and so very nice with my beloved Mon Amie ring from Sägen.

I think I will have to close my computer and slide down beside my two beautiful men and snooze and continue to savour this moment.

And the winner is...

Congratulation Rebecca for being the winner of the competition! She has selected a white double wrap round leather bracelet with the swirl clasp.

As I had so many entries I felt I had to draw 2 vouchers for 20 dollars each. These winners were Jessica in Melbourne and Jenny from Queensland.
This was so much fun I have to do another one to celebrate 2014, so stay tuned :)

Friday, 8 November 2013


I have totally forgotten to post this on the blog... A few days ago I set up a competition, a give away, via Facebook.

To be in the running for a bracelet valued at RRP60..which would include a 3 wave traditional Sami bracelet, or any of the bracelets without the pewter-silver threading, but with a Zamak silver clasp:

Jump on to my Fb page Swedelicious, find the competition post and share it. Make sure to let me know what type and colour bracelet you would like.
The alternative to the bracelet is the choice of 6 x  50g teablend pouches from Sweden.

Here are some samples you could win...

Or some lovely teas
Good luck and oh of course... I will draw the winner on sunday, 5pm Melbourne time :)


Friday, 1 November 2013

Men can and should wear bracelets...

More and more lately I have had the pleasure of making customer orders for men.. for themselves, not just for their wife or partner or daughters, and I love it.
I know I have raved on about how nice it is with men in bracelets, especially leather ones, but the Sami bracelets are a great way to go for a guy I think I have to share this with you.

Who can be more manly than our own Börje Salming, Sweden's icehockey legend who also played for the NHL? He has his collection on his arm and by the sounds of it he never takes them off.
Here is a photo of him and part of an article, thanks to another Kiruna (Northern Sweden) born guy sending me this... Tack Roger...who is patiently waiting for his wide Sami bracelet Gällivare. Photos of these after the article.

I can't quote the source of this article, but it says 'I love Kiruna' at the bottom of the page, so maybe that is what it is called. I also apologies for those who don't understand and read Swedish, but this is a proud sportsman who talks about his culture, his belonging and of course his love for his Sami bracelets. And there isn't anything not manly about this guy! And how nice to see not just one thin bracelet but a collection or why not a wide bracelet with more rows...

Below are a couple of photos of the Gällivare design. Gällivare is where my mother was born, so this one is for you mamma <3

I will make sure I have a large men's collection at the Christmas markets and the Swedish and German bazaars this December. The question is... can I go more rad and do things in stronger colours than just black and browns??