Sunday, 24 June 2012

Get Creative on a Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Sundays are made to relax, spend time with family and be your pjs (or indoor clothes you don't want anyone, except your family to see you in).
This is exactly what i have done this very lazy Sunday, apart from the necessary tidy up and a couple times playing chauffeur to our oldest daughter (who can't imagine a Sunday without shopping).
So finally i can present one of the latest creation and leather colour at Swede Little Things.
This olive green is really growing on me. It is so warm, nice and subtle, allowing the pearls and the silver really to shine and stand out. What do you think?
I call it Götakanal :)

17.5cm x 1.25cm
This Sami reindeer leather bracelet have17 sterling silver pearls and 4 larger cream Swarovski pearls. This bracelet has the shed antler horn button, but can be made with a pewter button instead.

I have to include a picture of one of my sons who is always asking me, and it doesn't matter what the bracelet is or if it has pearls on it, if he can have it.
So now he has one of his very own dark brown Sami bracelet, a plain 3 wave bracelet that fits his little wrist 'now' :)

Enjoy the rest of this lazy Sunday afternoon... time for a cuppa Xxx

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Cup cake, tea and jewellery...

Today the weather is not the best to be outdoors so my two little boys and I have been busy creating, baking and drinking tea (juice for the bigger of the two and breast milk for the youngest hi hi).
Whilst Oskar was making all sorts of animal creations after watching play school, which by the way can enthrall the youngest of 5 months to the oldest of 12 years :) I was busy finishing my newest bracelet... the red/white Aurora. It is somehow a little dark on the picture.

This Aurora is the same style as the black wider one made previously (below) but only 1.25cm wide instead of 2.5cm..
It has like all the rest of my bracelets; reindeer leather and shed antler horn button.

Thought i would share one of Oskar's drawing and our cup cakes we made... vanilla and cardamom!!!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Let's get creative :)

So with sooo many different silver pearls and leather / suede i can't stop making jewellery!!!
Here i have made two reindeer leather (black and a dark blue that really looks much darker in real life) with the 4mm sterling silver balls and a plum reindeer suede with the 2.5 mm sterling silver balls.

'West Coast' plum suede with 30 small 2.5mm sterling silver balls

2.5 cm wide 'Polaris' with 36 sterling silver balls

'Emma' with 20 4mm sterling silver balls

And just as I have finished these I get a new delivery with an olive and a darker red reindeer leather!! Can't wait to get into these. The olive colour can be mistaken for either a darker brown or grey but when you see the colour beside both brown and grey you can definitely detect the subtle autumn green. Both of these are perfect winter colours!...Mmmm I'm in heaven!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Attention all Lemongrass & Ginger lovers, this is for you...

For something that is warming and refreshing there is nothing like Citrus Ginger, a rooibos tea blended with ginger, lemongrass, lemon, mint, black pepper and marigold. 

What hits you first is the strong fantastic aroma and the taste delivers nothing less to what the aroma promises.
For those who live in the Melbourne Bayside area, jump in to Primrose Deli on Hawthorn rd, Brighton East (close to Nepean hwy) where they both sell and serve Citrus ginger... or alternatively go to where you can buy 10g samples (of any tea available).

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The West Coast Pearl

It is not finished but i thought i would share with you the newest design of our Sami bracelets. It will have ca 30 of 2.5mm sterling silver ball on a plum coloured reindeer suede. The colour is really deep which makes the contrasting silver balls and the silver / pewter threads stand out tremendously!
Hope you like :)

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Pearls pearls pearls!

Two new bracelets made, both with Swarovski Pearls and gold/pewter threads. The black reindeer leather bracelet has 8 pearls and a regular single braid, whilst the turquoise has 7 pearls with one single and two double gold strands braid.

17cm x 2.5 cm

18 cm x 2.5 cm

As I am writing this the jolly postman brings me a longed for package of sterling silver balls; 4mm and 2.5mm!!! Yaay! Together with a new plum coloured reindeer suede...oh my mind is eagerly thinking of ideas and styles to do.

The above bracelets will be sold for the months of June and July at an introductory price of $70.
These designs can be made on any coloured leather and also with silver threads and many different coloured Swarovski pearls.

I will take photos of the different colour pearls available, but i think my favourites are the cream pearls, silver balls and dark purple pearls.

What colour combination would you like to see...

Monday, 4 June 2012

Is it Glögg (mulled wine) time????

Winter, rain, cold, open fire... Mmmm! If you want something a little bit stronger than a great cup of steaming hot tea why don't you do as a customer to one of my deli/cafe stockist of our Swedelicious teas did....
Apparently this customer came rushing in to the deli/cafe asking for the Chai Red, he knew that they were stocking this tea....
Feeling a bit unwell and cold, as it is easy to do during the winter months, he mixed the rooibos chai with red wine and orange. The lady at the deli couldn't remember what else he had used.
The next day he came back into the deli and said that he felt so much better and he owed it to his mulled wine that he had made.
So tomorrow, i will try to make my own mulled wine to have in front of the open fire, using the red chai of course. I will definitely share with you how it went and the recipe! To get it started i can share with you that red chai is rooibos with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and rose peppercorns... Sounds tempting?
Chai Red

Friday, 1 June 2012

Hello Europe

What a great morning! First time ever that i have had to use google translate for an enquiry about my bracelets. As i don't speak french i hope that what i wanted to write is actually what the enquirer is reading :)
It is just unbelievable how small the world is really and how easy one can communicate with others all over the world... if only it was so easy to zip someone over through teleporting. I would then zip my whole family over to Sweden to visit, since i haven't been there since 2001!
It would be soooo great to show our children (well Hugo at 4 months probably wouldn't get so much out of it) the country where their mum and dad were born and grew up. And also for them to meet all the relatives and vice versa of course.

Well well, that time will come I'm sure... now to temporarily cure that home sick feeling I will continue making bracelets whilst listening to something Swedish on spotify and drinking one of my Swedish teablends...