Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Another picture update of orders before Christmas...

There never seems to be enough time to actually sit and write, so here comes another picture update on some orders...

double black reindeer with heart

North star turquoise

Stockholm navy with blue

Stockholm with sterling silver pearls on purple

Black reindeer with white kangaroo with 'believe' tag and clasp

purple North Star

Finishing off with a picture of my Lucia morning...

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Another quick bracelet update before the Christmas markets...

So tomorrow we will be at the German market at Melbourne Town Hall 930-3 and the whole weekend at the Scandinavian Bazaar at the Swedish Church in Toorak so this will be the quickes up load of new bracelets. I apologies for the lack of time of adding description to the pictures. If you have any queries please email me or come to one of the markets this week.

Nordic Countries




A photo of a lovely Sami stack from a customer. Love seeing how everyone combines these bracelets... Stunning!

And this is what the girl who won runner up in the competition choose to put her 20 dollar voucher towards.
Hope to see many of you at the any of the markets for December :)

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Bracelet update...

What a moment, I am filled with utter love and thankfullness as I sit on my bed this very cold and rainy day and write, with classical chillout music on spotify. My two boys have snuggled down beside me and have fallen into a twitching sleep. Soon the twitches will stop as they fall deeper as sleep. Their heavy breathing and beautiful sleeping faces fill my eyes with tears, of pure happiness of course. I am so utterly thankful and blessed, not only with such a family, but also to be able to experience moments like these.

So, the aim for this  was not to write about two of my little love lying beside me, but of posting picture updates of newly made I will be strong and get to it.

 The bottom picture is from last saturday when I worked at Nordliving... a real blue and white theme!
The white and blue, which will become my Soumi bracelet, is made from white reindeer leather and blue kangaroo through the pewter threads. The clasp is a silver Zamak hook in clasp, which makes it look extra stylish and so very nice with my beloved Mon Amie ring from Sägen.

I think I will have to close my computer and slide down beside my two beautiful men and snooze and continue to savour this moment.