Monday, 30 June 2014

Faith, hope, believe...

A few inspirational words / sayings can be very powerful, encouraging and supportive, so if you are thinking of ordering a Sami bracelet for yourself or as a gift, then think about adding inspiration word tags to them. The tags, if ordered together with a Sami bracelet won't cost you anything extra, just make sure you let me know when ordering as it won't be able to be added once the clasp / button is on.
I have the words 'love' and 'faith' on two of my bracelets and I can really recommend this. If things are a bit rough then reading these words can give you that extra bit of boost to take you through or to the next level.
Here is a collage of some pics with the tags and the new round double wraps.
The double wrap won't either add on cost if you add the inspirational saying.

I so like to live my life with 'live your dreams', 'follow your heart' and add faith, hope believe and love and you will have a full and meaningful life.

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