Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Put a little bling in to your life...

It seems that when I have had one or two orders of similar styles it somehow draws people to order more of that style. It is strange how that happens.
Last week I got exactly the same order from 2 different people. Both wanted double 3 wave black bracelets, although they have the same size wrists they did want different sizes.

Right after the double black wraps the next order was another double but in this case a double blue west coast and a woman bought... you guessed it... a black double 4 wave when I was working in the Nord Living shop last saturday.

These bracelets had also been made for Nord Living...

Double blue 3 wave with heart, single 3 waves in red, blue and turquoise, double 4 wave black.

The bling in the West coast order sparked off some more bling orders... how does this happen?

But I don't mind... I just make and enjoy!

Here are the rest of the bling bracelets...

 Blue Polaris with bohemian crystals
 Khaki polaris with sterling silver 4mm pearls
Double vintage brown polaris with alternating swarovski and sterling silver 4mm pearls

Black west coast with sterling silver 2.5mm pearls

Tan double wrap with sterling silver 2.5mm pearls
Now I am going to continue my order of something complete different.... chunky cuffs and thinner bracelets in plain leather for Promenade shop. This is what I love, I get to do so many different things <3

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