Monday, 21 July 2014

Scandinavian festival in Brisbane...

So I am starting to gear up for the fantastic festival we are finally going to be a part of! Previous years we have either given birth (hi hi) or had other commitments on, but this year will see Swedelicious teas and Swede Little Things jewellery being part of the Scandinavian celebration.
It will be great to meet a lot of people I have only been communicating via the computer as well as to re-connect with those I have not seen for a long time.
As I am bringing my whole family with me, it will also be a little mini holiday for all of us before coming back and going on school holidays. It will be so nice as we have only had a couple of long weekends for the last few years when we have all been together, so cannot wait! However, I hope the time won't go too quickly till then as I have to make a whole lot of bracelets to take with me.
If anyone have a certain design and or colour they would like to see then make sure to email me and I will make the most effort to see that they will be part of the collection that I will bring with me.
Hope to see many of you there...who are close by anyway :)

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