Thursday, 21 June 2012

Cup cake, tea and jewellery...

Today the weather is not the best to be outdoors so my two little boys and I have been busy creating, baking and drinking tea (juice for the bigger of the two and breast milk for the youngest hi hi).
Whilst Oskar was making all sorts of animal creations after watching play school, which by the way can enthrall the youngest of 5 months to the oldest of 12 years :) I was busy finishing my newest bracelet... the red/white Aurora. It is somehow a little dark on the picture.

This Aurora is the same style as the black wider one made previously (below) but only 1.25cm wide instead of 2.5cm..
It has like all the rest of my bracelets; reindeer leather and shed antler horn button.

Thought i would share one of Oskar's drawing and our cup cakes we made... vanilla and cardamom!!!

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