Wednesday, 11 September 2013

A match in heaven...

What is more a match in heaven than using Australian kangaroo leather in Scandinavian Sami design jewellery?!
Have just had a play around with my new beautiful coloured kangaroo leather and it works absolutely fantastic with the Sami traditional as well as the contemporary designs.
I have especially two designs in mind, when integrating the two and that is with the Stockholm design. Now these colours look lovely on white reindeer leather or just by themselves without the back leather.

I have finished a Stockholm bracelet with yellow kangaroo leather on white reindeer leather. To finish the bracelet off, a silver clasp does a really good job giving it the extra touch.

Here are a sample of the some of the colours that will be available in the kangaroo leather. Mind you that they are not finished pieces yet.

 The top is a blue and the bottom a purple.
Looking here at yellow, red and a jade. The colours are somewhat deeper than shown above. Very hard to capture the true colours of the leathers. There will also be a dark chocolate, turquoise and white to start with.

I just love these colours! Have to make myself a yellow one for summer! Interesting, we sold at Nordliving 4 yellow (same type of yellow as this kangaroo) clogs sandals. They looked stunning on the feet and I have a feeling yellow will be an 'in' colour for summer. Better stock up on material I think :)

The unfinished pieces will become bracelets with similar suitable clasps as the one in the top picture.
I will also make matching necklaces to these. I wear my blue one daily and am amazes how many compliments I get from it.

The difference to this blue one is that the new pieces will not have the leather around the ends but finished off with the silver clasps instead. I think they will look even better so.

Also, these necklaces can be made to any length :)
Time to work. xx

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