Monday, 1 October 2012

New spring colours!!!!

So another lot of 3-braid Sami bracelets heading to Nordic Fusion stores in Sydney; black, white, tan and pink.
Whilst I am busy busy busy with the next lots of orders these beautiful colour leather and suede bands come in. I just had to get these, even though the leather is made out of lamb hide (couldn't get the same colour in reindeer leather) rather than reindeer, but the suede is reindeer suede.
The excitement is huge and I just help to start making something with them, but which to start on first??

New spring coloured lamb hides (the middle one is dark purple)

New spring coloured reindeer suede (3rd from left is turquoise which looks a little more green than shown on the photo)

love love love these :)))))))))

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