Friday, 16 May 2014

Packaging, what to do...

Labeling, logo, packaging of these bracelets are all so overwhelming on which direction to turn to!
Boxes? Bags? Stickers or tags? Sooo many questions!
For my wide bracelets I will have to have something wider and higher. Was thinking something like this...

 Whilst looking for suitable, not expensive boxes, I am having a little play with label stickers. This s definitely not the end product, just having a play...
I also have to start thinking about putting my logo or name on the actual bracelets too... Wish it was solo much easier! These labels for the product as well as for the packing also have to be able to be used for the purses and clutches that I am in the process of designing, which is making the procedure even more mind boggling.

Anyway, here is a photo of my last design and a turquoise heart double wrap with a 3 wave that should be with its new owner today or monday.

Now off to the lovely shop, Promenade bags, in Black Rock to pick up leather bits for more bracelets. The wide clasp bracelets and her bags have the same leather so it is such a great idea to match bag and cuff :)

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