Sunday, 9 February 2014

Seeing double...

I can't believe the heat we have down in Melbourne lately...when is it going to be 'nice'? Yesterdays 44C really isn't productive for getting everything ready for the Life inStyle trade show in Sydney next week. Very slippery fingers on that needle :(

Here are 3 double wrap bracelets what will accompany me to the trade show. I have to say that these styles are the most popular of all the double wraps, but I have a feeling the ones with the heart will soon share that with them.

 Hard to get the right exposure and true colour to this double red 3 wave bracelet. the one below is a loved worn one. You can definitely see how nice the age.

 This is a black 4 wave black double bracelet
 Willow designs do best in double wraps. Here in a tan reindeer leather.
Below is how it looks in the vintage brown, both which ages really nicely too.

The three doubles together <3

Now to continue my orders and finish off a new black polaris with the new Bohemian crystals and another wide Gällivare....with Swarovski pearls...a true stunner!

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