Tuesday, 1 October 2013

More reindeer and kangaroo combinations...

It has been far too long in between posts! Having had a huge tea delivery from Sweden I have been trying to pack wholesale tea orders that have been waiting as well as finishing off personal orders and wholesale bracelet orders. This I have managed but not so much in actually posting them here, so now I finally sit down to do this.

These pictures are of the Scandinavian / Australian combination using the Scandinavian Sami design 'Stockholm' with reindeer leather and kangaroo leather.

Here in white reindeer, coloured kangaroo leather lace and zamak silver clasps.

The beautiful colours of the kangaroo lace looks so great on the white reindeer leather.
The jade and the tomato red bracelets are made with kangaroo lace on lamb hides. Interesting how the lamb hides that I have imported from Sweden are exactly the same shades as the kangaroo lace bought here in Australia.

I will do another post of a couple of customs orders made and sent instead of posting hem with these.

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