Thursday, 7 March 2013

Another Pearly Story...

I have to admit, I was not very convinced at first that the white faceted pearls would be to my liking to use with the pewter/silver threads in the Polaris styled bracelets.

However, placing the braid on the white reindeer leather convinced me otherwise. On the arm it gives a really nice effect, especially with the summer's light tan.
The sun catches the facets of the pearls, giving a subdued glistening effect (if that makes sense).

The green suede got a Polaris braid with Swarovski pearls and the cerise pink bracelet was made with sterling silver pearls. All in all I think the pearls worked surprisingly well with each of the colour bracelets.

I wonder how gold threading would look with the Swarovski pearls or the faceted pearls on the white leather...hmm, have to give that one a shot too :)

The pink leather looks more red in the picture...why should it be soooo difficult to catch the correct true colour? In reality, the pink is a really strong pink.

Time to get back to sewing, have markets and a festival to get ready for... and of course, more importantly, a couple of orders :)

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