Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Life in Style

After a way too long time away from my blog I am feeling a mix of guilt and excitement! Guilt because I have neglected this area in my life way too long. I guess it is a mother's constant guilt over something... if it isn't neglect of house, one of the kids, my husband or my work it is definitely the neglect of myself and what I like.

As I am sipping a glass of icy cold white wine I am desperately trying to ignore my 4 year old's constant chatter as he is on the ipad 2 mm away from me, my 13 month old tagging at my knee and putting opera singers to shame and the house of mess! I am determined to finish this blog!!!

So the real reason for starting this post was not to convey to all the immense hectic and chaotic world I live in but to (and here comes the exciting part...) say YAY, my other babies, the Sami bracelet are right now in Sydney waiting to be shown at the Life in Style trade show!!!

My beautiful sister and her partner are there setting up for a few days of showing/ selling/ displaying their lovely Swedish clogs amongst other gorgeous Scandinavian stuff and my bracelets too :)

It took me many hours to prepare for this event, something that is in short demand here, but if it wasn't for my absolutely wonderful husband Richard, who as soon as he comes home takes over and starts dinner, bathes the boys (my daughter, thank goodness, can do this on her own accord) I wouldn't be able to run my website, make the bracelets and package tea as well. So thank you my älskling (darling in Swedish).

Here is a photo of what people should see at the trade show in Sydney...

Not all bracelets styles are on show so just send me an email if you are there and have any questions.

Now, dinner is ready... thank you again Richard!
I'm sooo hungry as I think, no I know, that I definitely didn't eat enough during the day... but I think the day has tricked me into loosing a few hours as it has really rushed by.

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