Friday, 16 March 2012

What do we show our children that makes them categorise things into male and female?

I am sitting here listening Oskar (3.5 years old) play whilst holding Hugo (8 weeks) trying to work.
I can't help to be amazed how quickly they go from Hugo's age, with no set biases or believes of how people, boys and girls 'should' (and i write should as society often categorises our behaviour according to gender) to a 3 year old who gives me a 'girl' lego character. To him mum cannot be a superhero like superman or batman. According to Oskar I should like soft toys, flowers and dolls (ok flowers I do) and not the battles he plays with his lego characters (all males). They are reserved for dad. Now where does all this come from? I for one would like to change the toy commercials as there are always boys playing with star wars toys or the so called 'boys lego' and the girls are happily creating art work and playing with dolls in a very pink environment! I think those ads have a lot to answer to.
It makes me think of the art and craft fields for adults and I would love to share with you the work of a guy who creates wonderful things. If you like beautiful jewellery have a look at PM Silversmedja (in Sweden) where Pär creates wonderful art work. Another guy, an old school friend in Sweden, produces beautiful knitted garments and yarn. I wonder how many more men are out there creating, I would love to see more!

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